Matt’s Bio

Matt DeCristo is an American author and writer. DeCristo is the operator of the independent publishing site Bohemian Bonfire. Matt’s primary style of writing is horror and comedy, a blend that play well off of each other with his unique take on the world and humor.

Early life and education

Matt is the youngest of six siblings, and was born in New Hartford, New York to parents Donna Stotlar Christopher and Rocco “Arthur” Christopher.

Matt graduated from New Hartford High School. During his years in high school, he wrote and created several low-budget movies with his friends under the production name MVMC. In August of 1994, MVMC started filming ‘Deadly Crossings’ based on a script Matt wrote. It would be the foundation for his first novel some two decades later.

Matt graduated from the State University of New York Institute of Technology (SUNYIT) with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business in December 2005. He moved from Utica, New York to Columbia, South Carolina in 2008, and returned to Utica three years later.

Matt obtained a Master’s Degree from the State University of New York Polytechnic Institute (SUNYPoly) in Human Resources in December 2016.

Writing career

As a part of MVMC, Matt was involved in the making of over ten short movies between 1992 and 1996. One such movie, “Deadly Crossings,” formed the basis for his first novel.

Matt started writing the novelized form of the script his senior year of high school. Much of the work was completed at Herkimer College in the spring and fall of 1996. The novel would undergo numerous revisions over the course of the next decade before its publication in February 2014.

Matt DeCristo started writing short stories and poems in 2001. Some of these items were featured in ‘The factory Times,’ the college newspaper for SUNYIT. Many are included in his first published work “twelve til dawn,” which was printed in October 2012.

Upon returning to New York from South Carolina, Matt wrote a handful of op-ed pieces for the independent newspaper ‘The Utica Phoenix. During the period of 2009-2014 he also wrote sports related stories for the comical website Bronx Goblin.

Teaming with longtime friend and Bronx Goblin creator Michael Vidoni, the pair released “Idiots are Everywhere” in December 2013.

In 2012, Matt started writing movie reviews for the website, a site started by another longtime friend, Mark Ziobro.



When not writing, Matt enjoys traveling and hiking. His birthday is June 27.


Bronx Goblin: 2009-2014
The Utica Phoenix: 2011-2012
The Movie Buff: 2012-present
Twelve til Dawn: 9/27/2012
Lars Breckenridge: 6/6/2013
Idiots are Everywhere: 12/23/2013
Deadly Crossings: 3/26/2014
Chanawicz 1: 7/3/2016
Chanawicz 2/3: 4/1/2017