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Chanawicz – episode 1


The year is 1997, and Jason O’Connor has just started working at a family owned grocery store in central New York. Reality makes for the best fiction, and as Jason encounters a host of ridiculous characters from the Napoleonic manager of the store to the inept son of the owner, he begins to piece together his own creation – a sitcom based on his new job. Episode I is the first part in the series, and includes the events of “Paging Bill Miller” and “Welcome to Chanawicz”

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Deadly Crossings                                    

deadlycrossingsJon Skiles is a Special Agent, employed by the Van Eyck Agency’s central New York office and is climbing the ranks after a tumultuous childhood and start to his law enforcement career. When a highly decorated agent is murdered, Jon sets out to defend the man wrongfully accused of the crime, and is sent down a path of scandal, corruption, and ultimate redemption as he seeks to bring the real killers to justice…

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twelve til dawn

548As a fan of Edgar Allen Poe, HP Lovecraft, Stephen King, and Rod Serling, I love to intertwine horror and irony, with just a sprinkling of humor. Twelve til dawn is an anthology of my favorite type of creation – the short story. Read if you’re brave…

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Idiots are Everywhere

idiotsEver eat? work? Shop? Use a public bathroom? or Drive anywhere? Did you ever encounter someone and say to yourself.. “What an Idiot!” Did you say yes? Did you expect a response from me? If so, I apologize. This is a book and I can’t respond to you, but I ‘hear ya.’ “Idiots Are Everywhere” is divided into 10 sections, each filled with comical analysis and invented interviews designed at capturing the mindset of everyday people as they go about their lives and are forced to interact with others. You may never look at a normal situation again after reading this book.

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The Complete works of Lars Breckenridge

larsA collection of depressing and morose poems by the enigmatic Lars Breckenridge.

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